As we venture further into the season of winter, here in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, you are beginning to notice that your skin is feeling dry. This may be something that you have noticed each winter, or it may be something fairly new to you, none the less, the following will help your skin beat the dry winter blues.

What Causes Dry Skin in Winter?

It is normal for you to experience seasonal changes within your skin, it is simply more noticeable during the winter months. The precise reasoning behind this occurrence is not fully known; but what is known is that there is a decrease in natural moisturizing factors in the skin during winter. The changes that occur during winter are worse in women as compared to men and they tend to become greater with age. These changes occur within the natural ceramides and keratins that cannot be corrected by merely applying creams that contain them onto the skin.

How to Combat Dry Skin

There are a number of ways to temporarily combat dry skin. The following will advise you how to tackle the issue head on and find relief for your skin.

Change How You Clean Your Skin

You should focus on gently cleaning your skin without causing any damage to the uppermost layer of your skin. Therefore, abrasives and soaps should be avoided due to the fact that they are able to easily destroy the upper most layer of skin. The uppermost layer is essential for the maintaining of the waterproofing barrier of the skin. This is why women who wear makeup are advised to remove their makeup with mineral oil that is highly refined and wash their faces with cleaners that are mild and contain no soap.

Use an ABST Moisturizing Toner

Keep in mind that there are a number of toners that contain low doses of lactic acid at the proper pH that promote moisture within the skin. Toners that will be able to deliver this to you when diligently incorporated into your daily cleansing regimen.

Prepare for the Winter with Vitamin A

Vitamin A is among the most potent stimulators in regards to natural moisturizing factors. Months ahead of the winter months, it is best to prepare your skin by pre-treating it with products enriched with Vitamin A. These products can also be used intermittently throughout the season as a measure of ensuring moisture. Most people tend to find the best results when using moisturizers that contain vitamin A.

Twice a Week, Use a Mask

Masks are a wonderful moisturizing treatment for a woman’s skin and they will not leave your skin feeling greasy. A proper moisturizing mask can be effective even for people who have oily skin due to the fact that they are also able to sop up the excess. One you have chosen the proper mask for you, it should be used for a minimum of an hour, twice per week for best results. Keep in mind that there are overnight masks that are ideal for those with hectic daily schedules.


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