Do you think you are doing everything necessary to give your hair that glittering glow? Well, you might be using the right shampoo eating the hair-friendly-foods and sticking to your natural hair care ingredients; but is your hair where you want it to be? If your answer is no, then there is something you are not doing right. The problem is always how you wash your hair. Take a look at these 7 common mistakes that women make while washing their hair and you will definitely realize you mistake.

  1. Rinsing the hair with hot water

Do you love washing your hair with hot water all the time? Well that’s a big mistake. Washing the hair with hot water dries the scalp and the hair very fast. The best option is to always wash your hair with lukewarm water so that it opens up the pores to maximize on the shampoo. However, the rinsing should be done solemnly with cold water. Those with colored hair should not ever think about the warm water. The water will only serve in helping the color fade away very fast.

  1. Skimping on water

The most common mistake women do is not giving their hair enough time to soak in the water before applying the shampoo. If you skimp on the water the pores will not open up and therefore the shampoo will never be absorbed. You need to run your water on your hair for at least 2 minutes before applying the shampoo.

  1. Using a lot of shampoo to attain the shine

Most women have the perception that if the shampoo is not producing much form, it is not working well. On the contrary, too much foam may prevent the shampoo from performing its deeper cleansing action. It is recommended that, you should try to use as little shampoo as possible for your first was.

  1. Washing the hair in a couple of minutes

If you ever wash your hair in less than five minutes then you are doing more harm to it than good. Cleaning the hair is not just about moping it with tons of shampoo and rinsing with cold water. You need to massage the shampoo on your scalp in circular motions for some time. It is advised to only massage the scalp and not the hair strands. Massaging the hair strands might cause friction and hence breakage of the hairs.

  1. Not using a hair conditioner

There is no single day you should wash your hair without using the conditioner. The mistake most of us make is to think that the natural oils on our scalp after the bath can sustain a glowing hair. The fact is that, it is only a conditioner that will sustain the glow for a longer time. You need to apply it from your scalp to the middle shaft of your hair strands..

  1. Washing your hair after three days

Well that is what most hair experts suggest; but does it mean that you have to stick to that? It is just a suggestion and cleaning your hair as regular as possible will help you maintain a glowing and healthy hair. During the hot days like the summer, it is necessary to clean your hair daily in order to wash away the sweat. Just make sure that you don’t wait for a week before cleaning your hair.

  1. Switching shampoos often

While there are many products thronging the market, it is necessary for you to find a product that works well for your hair and stick to it. You can try a few shampoos just to find out what best suits your hair. However, that does not mean you should go around trying every bottle you see. You must be keen enough to notice the behavior pattern of your hair and use the right product for it.

Now that you know what you have been doing wrong; what about you start doing things the right way and see how amazing your hair turns out? What tricks do you have to keep your hair shiny?

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