Argan Salon & Spa in Alpharetta is proud to introduce new body wax services from Cleusa Casanova a Licensed Master Cosmetologist who specializes in the “Brazilian art of wax”. Cleusa is originally from Brazil, fascinated with beauty and empowering women to look and feel great about themselves. She is focused on pampering the ladies and dedicated to ensuring fast, thorough, and hygienic wax service that meets and exceeds client expectations. But before you come to your appointment here are some tips to prep your skin for the best results.

Waxing is not a trivial care: it requires knowledge and a good selection of products, according to the methods used. Most women often forget to properly prepare their skin before waxing so it is an essential step for hair removal takes place properly and that your hair is removed more easily. For having a quality waxing and avoid undesirable effects such as ingrown hairs or irritation, it is best to prepare the skin for the treatment itself. We will explain how to prepare your skin before your waxing appointment!

  • Get wet! A hot shower makes perfectly clear and fully relaxed skin. The heat will indeed open the pores which will not only facilitate the pulling out hairs but also reduce the pain of waxing sensation. You can wash your skin in the morning with a mild soap.
  • Moisturize your skin: Before waxing, make sure to moisturize your skin by applying a moisturizer daily on the body, and, at least, one week before your waxing. It is quite advisable to spread the moisturizer before waxing because fat makes the hair slippery and prevents the wax from sticking.
  •  Exfoliate your skin: The exfoliation is a great way to prepare your skin before a session of hair removal. Be sure to remove dead skin by taking a gentle exfoliation of your body: For the legs, a classic scrub will suffice. For the most sensitive parts, such as the underarms and bikini line, use a gentle exfoliator. Even if it is tempting to say that exfoliation will make our skin soft, and do not rub too hard, to avoid abrading the skin. Scrubbing your skin the day before a waxing, helps unclog pores and remove impurities. This facilitates boosting the efficiency of hair removal.
  • Clean the area to be treated, then sanitize with a nonalcoholic antiseptic to avoid infections.
  • Hair removal should be practiced on a skin with – good health; having no lesions; and dried.

Thus, the waxing is very effective technique and even recommended if it is done in a proper manner. Despite the emergence of more modern methods such as laser hair removal, waxing is still the preferred technique by many women against the hair, because it is easier to use and more natural! For those who want a perfect result without too much inconvenience, the waxing is the best solution.

On your next visit, please stop by to meet and say hello to Cleusa. Better yet, schedule your appointment today!

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