When you’re strolling around Alpharetta, GA – whether it’s going shopping alone or dining out with friends – you want to look good, right? It’s likely that you get dressed up in your best clothes, put on makeup, and strap on some shoes that make your legs look killer. It’s also likely that you do something with your hair. Maybe throw it up in a chic bun or curl it a little for some great volume – but are you doing all you can to make your hair look as gorgeous as you do?

Your hair is as much an accessory or garment for your body as a necklace or beautiful blouse. One important aspect of making sure your hair is looking its best is finding the right color for it that matches your skin tone. You know it’s true that certain hair colors just don’t look good on some people, and it’s okay to admit it. You’ve probably flipped through a magazine or seen a celebrity on TV after they’ve changed their hair color, wondering what made them pick such a bad color.

If you choose a bad color, this same phenomenon could happen to you.

The best way to pick out your new hair color is to match it to your skin tone. Depending on your natural color and complexion, certain hair colors can enhance that beauty, creating a complementary relationship between hair and skin. When your hair looks good, your skin looks good – and vice versa.

These five tips can help you pick out the perfect hair color that’s right for you:

1. Determine Your Skin Tone

Regardless of your race or overall skin color, your skin tone will likely have distinct variations from even those who share your base skin color. In order to correctly assess your skin tone, remove any and all makeup you have on your face and stand in front of a mirror wearing white clothing. Carefully take note of the hue of your skin. Do you have more yellow or red tones? Do you have a fair or olive complexion? These small details matter a lot in choosing your hair color.

2. Keep Your Makeup Routine In Mind

Choose which you’re more committed to – your regular makeup style or your hair color. If you choose your makeup routine, your hair should match it. If you choose your hair color, you’ll have to adjust your makeup routine to suit it. Your overall look should be a serious of complimentary style choices that all work together. When you make a big change, other style aspects need to change too.

3. Drama or Natural?

The color you choose for your hair says something about you – especially in conjunction with your skin tone. When you pick a hair color that’s very contrasting from your skin tone, the more dramatic your look will be. If you aren’t one for flashy fashion, pick something more natural. Typically caramels and browns fit well with anyone, whereas dramatic colors tend to be jet black or deep reds.

4. Or Maybe Unnatural

A newer craze among the younger crowd is getting wild hair styles in poppy colors like pink, purple or grey/platinum white. It’s hard to say that these colors match any one skin tone because they aren’t naturally occurring, but it is possible to compare them to your skin to see how good they’ll look once you actually try them. If you’re thinking of going for an unnatural color, the best suited skin tones are fair and yellow undertone skin. Pale skin combined with a dramatic unnatural color makes you pop, while a warm skin undertone like yellow makes warmer unnatural shades look more natural.

5. Consult Your Stylist

If you still feel utterly lost about what hair color will go best with your skin tone, ask one of our experts. Your salon stylist can guide you with their expert knowledge on how hair and skin tones interact with one another, making sure you walk out with a hair color that defines and accentuates your natural beauty.

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