You just got a new color and you want to show it off. This is totally normal – of course you want to show others how great your new cut and color look! The problem is that this is easier to do during winter and autumn when the sun’s harsh rays aren’t so present. During the spring and summer seasons – especially in Alpharetta, GA – the sun can quickly fade and wash out that color you’re so proud of. Not to mention the sun can bake your hair, making luxurious locks weak and brittle, frizzing up in humid heat and bright natural light.

Of course there are obvious solutions: never go outside again or constantly wear a hat that fully hides your hair every time you step outside. Who wants to do that, though, when they have a life to live and hair to show off?

This isn’t just a problem that affects one type of hair color, either. If you lighten your hair, the accelerated heating process caused by the sun can turn highlights into white streaks, effectively frying and fizzling your color. Darker colors like deep browns, reds and black can also lighten if exposed to the sun for too long. Truly no one is safe from sun damaged hair.

Thankfully there are ways to help keep your hair safe from the sun while still walking proudly outside during sunny weather without having to sacrifice your style.

Cover Up A Little

You definitely don’t have to wear a baseball cap or a turban every time you go outside during bright weather after you color your hair, but it doesn’t hurt to protect it as much as possible. If you know you’re going to spend more than two or three hours in direct sunlight outside, bring a scarf or fashionable sunhat with you to help protect your hair and scalp.

Avoid the Pool during Peak Summer Seasons

If you have newly dyed hair, it’s important to not get chlorine in it at all, meaning you should definitely stay away from pools after getting a color job. The minerals in chlorine are strong and binding, and can both strip color and also add a green hue. When you combine this with the baking power of the sun, you could end up with greenish fried hair before the summer is over.

Keep Your Showers Cold

When you shampoo your hair in cold water, the more likely the color is to stay. When you spend a lot of time out in the sun with a recent dye job, you run the risk of losing your color completely if you regularly shampoo and condition it with hot water. Hot water tends to ruin color in hair, especially when it’s new. You can bathe in hot water, but keep your hair tied up.

Ask Your Stylist for Treatments and Tips

No one knows better than your stylist, especially about protecting your hair during spring and summer heat waves. Your stylist has information like the best shampoos and conditioners to use on colored hair, Pre Art treatments to help remove unnecessary minerals from your hair, as well as gloss treatments that can help keep your color strong even in the most gruesome summer weather.


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