Who doesn’t want to look sharp for spring? Spring is the season where fashion starts to move from dark colors and lots of drapery to lots of color and more skin. Winter fashion season is akin to the cocoon, while the spring season is when women the world over emerge as colorful and vibrant butterflies. This doesn’t just have to do with your clothes, either. It’s time to celebrate the warmth and sunshine of spring with a new hairdo.

Spring is also a time for high fashion and trends. There’s no more hiding your hair under a warm winter cap or scarf. Go bold for spring with one of these new styles found on current Hollywood fashion heavyweights.

A Splash of Color


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A little bit of color never hurt anybody. You don’t have to go super crazy and start rocking a blue buzz cut, but it’s okay to add in some colorful and playful highlights to your normal hair routine. Blondes and brunettes can keep things simple with some caramel highlights, or go for the full hombre style.

Hair that’s colorful and out there is in right now in Hollywood, but don’t feel like you have to push the envelope too far. Just a splash of a more natural color like red (for lighter hair) or deep purple (for darker hair) can make a world of difference.

Going Super Short


Short hair isn’t anything new for spring. It’s almost symbolic to grow your hair out for warmth in the winter, only to cut it off for a weightless and fresh style for the spring season. This time, however, don’t cut off only a few inches off or just get a trim. Young Hollywood members like Miley Cyrus and Scarlet Johanson have all been seen with ultra-short hair.

Be brave and cut over six inches, or layer your hair for a stylized look. It’ll make you look younger – just make sure it’s not too extreme before asking your stylist to chop off your locks.

Also Add Some Waves


The short wave style is extremely hot right now. Lucy Hale and other young actresses have all been seen with hair that just barely touches their shoulders with rippling waves – not curls. Curls are more of a winter-look according to current trend watches, while waves are youthful and very much a style of 2016. 

Messy Hair


Some seasons see a lot of sleek and sharp hair looks, like very professional and tight buns, or styles that are very obviously sprayed and ironed to perfection. Recent style trends, however, don’t look so pristine. 2016 is still celebrating the “I look like I just got out of bed but I actually put an hour of effort into my appearance” look, just minus the extra work. Messy quick buns and sun-weathered hair are all still going strong, especially during early and late summer when concert and art seasons are still in full swing.

The messy hair look is also one of the biggest noticeable trends at Coachella and SXSW. Younger crowds aren’t trying so hard to look like supermodels – and neither should you! Focus on your clothes and makeup, but once you’ve got the color and cut you want from your hair, just do what feels natural.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking, have you thought about making any of these style changes?

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