As the start of another school year rolls around, it’s time for yet another first-day hairdo. That’s right! It is that time of the year when children are heading back to school and want to look their best on their first day. For many, a fresh new hairdo or cut is a part of that equation. Many people use their hairstyles to express themselves and how they are feeling, or to help them craft an image they’d like to convey.

While children, teenagers, and even adults are trying to determine or develop their own personal style, you typically want to choose something that is flattering to your face or body. Some people like to live on the edge and are into extremes like purple spiked Mohawks or Rapunzel length rainbow extensions – and those are fine! Just remember that many of schools and educational institutions probably have dress code regulations that include hair restrictions, so check before you make a drastic change. Whether you want to go with a funky half-shaved style or a classic fish tail braid, there is a look for everyone.  The hardest part is choosing the best option.

Here are some great ideas for young or teenaged girls to choose from.


Side Dutch Braid


Click HERE for a great video tutorial on how to do this braid


A side Dutch braid is a thick braid that starts on one side of the head, is braided across the front similar to a French braid, and down the other side to hang on the shoulder. It is an easy quick style that a young girl could do by herself in the morning. It is a stylish, low maintenance hairstyle that is functional, looks good, and keeps the hair off the face.


Side Down-do With Long Curls


Messy hair is a big trend for teens and tweens. If you have long locks, you can create messy, gorgeous, wispy curls scrunched and swept nonchalantly to one side. To secure the look in place you can use a hair comb, bobby pins, or even a thin headband.


The Fishtail Braid



The fishtail braid is great for girls and women of all ages. Based on the look you are trying to achieve, there are numerous ways to wear a fishtail braid. For younger girls, make a high to middle ponytail and make a fishtail braid out of the pony tail. For teen-aged girls, a fashionable fishtail braid down the back with a loose bang would make them stand out. For the girls that are a little older, a messy fishtail braid to the side will steal the show every time.


Pixie Cuts and Short Bobs


See this cut and more HERE


These looks are thought to suit women, but for girls with shorter hair, these looks can be youthful and cute at the same time.


Hair Accessories


Whether it is a specific style headband, bows, hair decorations like stars and jewels, color pieces, or simple clip, hair accessories can go a long way with a hair style. With just a simple hair embellishment you can go from stressing to trend setting.

There are many looks for school girls to work with to find the style that best suits them. The most important thing to remember is that the best thing you can wear is confidence. So as long as you look and feel good, that is the best style for you this school year. Contact Argan Salon & Spa today in order to find out how we can help you look and feel your best! You can also visit our website!

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