Threading is a hair removal technique that originated in the Middle East and parts of Asia. As its name suggests, threading uses a cotton thread to pull out single or multiple hairs from different parts of the skin. As threading covers smaller areas, it is usually done on the face in areas like the eyebrows, chin, upper lip and sideburns. The art of threading has shot to great mainstream popularity over the last few years, and with good reason! If you’re not a fan of waxing, tweezing or worse, shaving, here are six great reasons to choose threading for your next facial appointment.

  1. Threading is extremely quick

Threading is done so quickly that it saves you half the time of other hair removal methods! Unlike with tweezing, threading allows your beautician to remove entire rows of hair when they need to, rather than just one hair over and over.

  1. Less pain than waxing or tweezing

If you’re completely tired of having your eyes water when you feel that sting of waxing, then threading’s for you. It’s not one hundred percent pain-free, but the tingle you get from threading is nothing compared to waxing, even for those with low pain thresholds!

  1. It delivers long-lasting results

Shaving your eyebrows is a pain, and what’s worse, your hairs can begin to grow back in as little as a week. With threading, you’ll be guaranteed clean, flawless results for up to three weeks after your appointment. Since threading pulls hairs out by the root, your follicles take a lot longer to grow back afterward. Who doesn’t want clear skin for longer?

  1. Doesn’t pull skin

If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your skin, you may want to try threading. Here’s why: threading is super gentle on skin, and won’t pull or tug at it. Over time, the tugging of waxing can loosen the skin, causing early wrinkles. You definitely don’t want that, so throw away that waxing strip and pick up some thread instead!

  1. Great for sensitive skin

Waxes, creams, and other hair removal substances can irritate the skin, causing rashes and redness to the area. However, you’re totally safe with threading, as it uses no additional products or chemicals other than the cotton thread. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Works for any kind of hair

Lastly, threading is perfect for any hair type. Whether your facial hair is curly, straight, fine, coarse or unruly, threading can handle any hair type and any hair quantity. Don’t worry about how difficult tweezing’s going to be because of your fine hairs – turn to threading and let all of those worries fade away!

If you’re completely sold on the idea of threading, we don’t blame you! It’s a trusted, safe, gentle and easy technique that has been around for thousands of years with great benefits. The next time you notice your facial hair has already grown back in, don’t be afraid to switch things up a little and try threading. You won’t regret a thing!

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