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Treat Yourself and De-Stress Before the Upcoming Holidays with a Rejuvenating Facial

Facials aren’t just for treating yourself for a special occasion. Facials hold major benefits for your skin, keeping it healthier, clearer and younger-looking. It’s true that a facial every now and then may be fine, but doing a facial regularly can keep your skin supple and radiant on a long-term basis. Instead of doing a facial every year on your birthday, doing a facial every month or bi-weekly is one of the best choices that you can make for your skin and overall health. Not convinced? Here are six reasons why regular facials should become a part of your skincare routine!

  1. Powerful cleansing action

Facial masks contain deep-cleaning ingredients that aid your skin in detoxifying itself. These ingredients remove dirt, oil, bacteria and toxins from your skin’s pores, giving you healthier skin and preventing pimples, blackheads and other forms of acne from plaguing your skin. A regular facial routine means that your skin becomes less prone to acne and infections over time.

  1. Increased blood circulation

When doing a facial, massaging your skin with your hands or having your face massaged by a professional helps to improve blood circulation in your skin. The better the blood circulation in your skin, the more nutrients your skin receives from this increased blood flow. This helps with the healing and regeneration of your skin cells, preventing dark marks and dry skin from becoming prevalent. With regular facials, dry skin and blemishes aren’t a problem!

  1. Relieves stress

A good facial helps to relieve stress by relaxing you completely. The sensation and smell of the masks and the soothing feeling of being pampered do wonders to lower your stress levels. When done regularly, facials help you to feel less stressed over time, even resulting in a lower blood pressure.

  1. Keeps skin ageless

Many of the masks used in facials contain collagen, the building-block protein of the skin. Having one facial every year might not give you the amazing benefits of collagen, but regular facials means that your skin receives a healthy dose of collagen every now and then. Your skin will be more elastic, plumper and more hydrated, meaning that it wrinkles much more slowly, allowing you to remain younger-looking for a longer period of time.

  1. Smooth skin

Most facial masks include exfoliating ingredients that remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. Frequent exfoliation removes blackheads, whiteheads, acne and other blemishes from the skin to keep it looking and feeling soft and smooth. Who doesn’t want smooth skin?

  1. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Wrinkles and lines aren’t the end of the world, but if you’re not a fan of them, then facials might just be the magic solution! Regular facial massages also have the ability to smooth fine lines and premature wrinkles over time, restoring your face to its youth and beauty.
Every time the weekend rolls around and you have a little extra time, go get a facial! You’ll be amazed at just how soon your skin shows all of these amazing benefits. Clear, clean and hydrated skin will soon have you convinced that you don’t have to have a special occasion to treat yourself.

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Excellent service. I have been a customer for the past 2 years and recently I had a facial, which was wonderful as well. 100% recommend it!

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