Its no secret that the things we normally do to our hair for the sake of beauty can damage it. Curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners all cook hair, resulting in the breakdown of proteins which makes our hair brittle, broken, and frayed. What most of us dont realize, however, is that the sun can do the exact same thing, and lots of summer activities that seemingly have nothing to do with our beauty routines can have similar damaging effects. The good news is, you can keep your hair gorgeous throughout the summer, as long as you know some preventative tricks.

1) Start the Season with a Trim

The summer months are hard on your hair, and if you go into it with damaged hair, itll be worse and totally unmanageable in no time at all. Give it a quick trim, so it starts out healthy.

2) Lather on the Protectant

Ultraviolet rays damage your hair much like they hurt your skin. While slathering your hair in sunscreen could work, it certainly wont help you win any beauty contests. Instead, check out the labels on the products you already use. Many styling products, such as hairsprays, gels, and leave-in conditioners include UV blockers, so you can protect your hair from damage just by styling it the way you always do.

3) Rinse and Condition Before Taking a Dip

Chlorine and other chemicals added to pools do a number on hair. If youre a towhead, metals that are naturally present in water can give your locks a green hue as well. Thats because your hair naturally soaks up the water, as well as anything thats lurking in it. To stop your hair from working like a sponge in the pool, let it soak up some good stuff first. Rinse it in cool water and apply a leave-in conditioner before you take a swim.

4) Keep Your Hair Tied Back

If you plan to hit any body of water, your locks will get tangled up when you leave your hair down. Its a million times worse if your hair is already damaged or you have split ends. All that fighting to untangle the tiny knots causes even more damage. Keep your strands happy by tying your hair back before you swim. Something as simple as a bun works well, but a French braid is ideal. You can also look for a swim cap. While theyre a bit old school, they are making a bit of a comeback and come in some very cute styles.

5) Give it a Rest

If youre a styling fanatic and often turn to heated tools, give your hair a day off once or twice a week to help reduce the overall damage caused by heat. Your hair will have a gorgeous natural wave thats perfect for the summer and you can rock the Bohemian look.

6) Get Help from Your Stylist

When you visit your salon for your pre-season trim, let them know what your summer will entail. Theyll be able to recommend products that can protect your hair regardless of what you plan to throw at it. And, if youve made a few summer hair faux pas, book an appointment and get specialized attention to restore its natural beauty.

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